Baby Mobile DIY


I had seen this on Pinterest and Etsy shops but found them so pricey ($60+) and thought, “how hard can it be?” I bought the materials to make this cute baby mobile when I was pregnant with AJ, however, fatigue took over my last trimester and.. well… I was too lazy to get anything done really. Then AJ was born and I just simply did not have the time. But who has time for anything  with a tiny, yummy newborn? To be completely honest, its an inexpensive project but it does take some time and patience m. You’ll see..


  1. Felt paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Fishing line
  4. Needle
  5. Thread
  6. Fiber fill
  7. Templates



Template – On a sheet of paper draw out the shape of the figures of choice and cut them out to use as your template. I chose to go with a moon, a cloud and a star.

Cut the felt paper – Place the template over a folded felt paper (folded so that you can make 2) and cut out the design. For this mobile, I cut out 1 moon, 1 cloud and 6 stars.

cutting cloudcutting star

Sew – Ok, so here’s when you’ll need Netflix or your favorite playlist on repeat. Stitch the felt paper patterns together like so:

(I went for a blanket stitch but any stitch will do)

start stitching

Leave an inch and a half gap before closing to add the stuffing.


Finish the seem, secure and snip the extra thread.

finish stitchcloud

Repeat this process with all other figures.

moon stuff moon stitch

Using needle and thread, place the cloud before the moon and stitch the cloud in place. (If you have a glue gun, using it might be easier for this step)

moon cloud 2moON cloud 1moon cloud

Using the fishing line as thread, prepare the needle. After passing the fishing line through the head of the needle, pull the fishing line about 2 inches and bend the line. This creates a dent on the line preventing it from moving much.

fl bent

Cut the line at about 15 inches and make a knot. I secured it with about 3 knots. I’m sure there are other ways to make knots on a fishing line but I did not look these up. lol

fl knot

Pass the needle through the moon and pull gently to make sure it’s secure.

fl moon

Pass the needle through the top point of the star.

fl star

Measure how far down you’d like the star to hang by placing it on a flat surface.


Secure the star by making a few knots. That line is barely visible, but that’s the point!

fl star knot

Once the star is secured, pass the needle through the bottom of the star.

botton star fl

Repeat these steps with two more stars.

  • Pass the needle through the top of the star.
  • Measure how far down you’d like the star to hang by placing it on a flat surface.
  • Secure it with a few knots.
  • Pass the needle through the bottom of the star

Cut the extra line when done.

Repeat the process with another line of stars and your mobile is done!!

agaiiin 2 lien2 lines of stars

If you find written instructions hard to follow, or you’re simply a visual learner (that’s me!) check out my YouTube video tutorial!!!



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